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Our Story

Welcome to STAY, the must have multipurpose utility straps for your outdoor relaxing needs.

This father and son idea came with the struggles to find a good quality clamp or strap to hold down a picnic table cover on a breezy afternoon, from this we learned the same struggles exist when your lounging at the pool.  Father (Bob) was in charge of R&D for thicker picnic tables at campgrounds and parks, while at the same time his son (Scott) was figuring out a way to keep a towel in place on his beach chair.  Together along with the whole family we invented STAY STRAPS.

With our Patent-Pending design we have reinvented the strap by using a  stretch band for flexibility, a buckle fastener for adjustability and a small loop for packability. This allows the straps to expand from 14" to 50" (100" perimeter) with no excess slack, while packing down to the size of two wine corks. The adjustability and stretch also promotes the ability to go around multiple size picnic tables, lounge chairs, tailgates, trashcans, and more. Each strap weighs less than one ounce so  you can take them with you anywhere.  


If you enjoy the outdoors, camping, picnics, and relaxing around the water,  then STAY STRAPS are exactly what you need.


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