(not clips)

Fits most sizes and shapes :

  • tables

  • chairs

  • trashcans

  • tailgates 

  • and more

*Unlike plastic/metal table and towel clips

Hang your gear :

  • hats

  • sunglasses

  • shirts

  • headphones

  • and more

 *Unlike plastic/metal table and towel clips

More than just a strap :

  • versatile

  • compact

  • lightweight 

  • stretchable

  • adjustable

*Unlike plastic/metal table and towel clips



Stay Straps can handle monsoon winds and rain.

*we successful passed in 55mph winds  


Adjustable from 14" to 50" (100" circumference) to fit most tables, chairs, and more


Securely fit around different styles and shapes of tables, chairs and more.


Pack down to the size of two wine corks so they easily fit anywhere you go.


Each strap weighs only 0.6oz so they will travel very well in your carry-on or luggage.

If you enjoy the outdoors, a picnic or a relaxing day around the water..........  We are sure you have experienced those windy days where you just can't get your stuff to stay. Stay Straps are becoming America's favorite travel and recreation accessory. Created to hold down a tablecloth and towel but can be used hundreds of other ways.  Each Stay Strap weighs only 0.6oz and packs down to the size of a couple wine corks. Stay Straps are designed to fit around almost all tables and chairs with adjustability from 14 to 50" (100" circumference). It's time to get rid of your bulky plastic towel clips and your metal tablecloth clamps that take up twice the space and don't fit around most modern tables and chairs.

The versatile Stay Strap is accepted at all resorts, cruise ships, camp grounds, national parks, spaceships, and more. 

Don't Let it Blow Away, STAY!




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